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Bayleaf 5"
Begonia 6"
Bird Of Paradise
Blechnum Tree Fern 6"
Bonsai 4x5"
Bougainvillea 6"
Brunsfelsia 6"
Buddleia 6"




Name: Bougainvillea
Size: 6"
Availability: summer
Light: full sun
Description: Bougainvillea is an evergreen vine which is just as happy spreading horizontally or hanging downwards as it is climbing upwards, it makes itself at home in almost any situation. It can be grown as a hedge, groomed as a ground cover, pruned as an espalier, trained as a tree or contained in a pot in a variety of shapes. The leaves are either green or variegated and the flowers come in a wide range of colors from red, yellow, orange, pink, white and bi-color.

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